Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Magic Tv Programer at Malaysia

Two magician from Malaysia have a Magic Tv Program apart. One of them is Ezad. "Magix" its name of the tv program. The magic broadcast at ntv7. Ezad performing is likely Criss Angel, from his hair, dressing and gadget is most likely Criss Angel. Although his performance likely Criss Angel but its amuse amazing to see. I can say Ezad its great magician at Malaysia. Ezad respon my magic too. Thanks Ezad. I will waiting your next program at TV. If you want help just contact me....(orang Sabah memang hebat-habat bah..)

The next magician its Shahril, "Fuyoo Magic" its the name of the tv program and his magic broadcast at astro ria 104. Many of student at Malaysia like his program, his performer simple but amazing. Shahril make children smile and happy. That why Sharil have a fan club from student. Shahril teaching magic at his program. So i can say Shahril its good magician too.

That its the two magician from Malaysia have a broardcast at TV program. I hope i have TV program too.ha,ha,ha...

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