Friday, July 24, 2009

Ellusionist Performance Champion 2009

Inilah yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ini. Bagi anda yang bergelar magician inilah peluang anda mempamerkan dan menunjukkan bakat anda kepada dunia. Pertandingan ini dibuka kepada magician di seluruh dunia. Sekiranya anda tahu membuat persembahan magic yang terdapat di Ellusionist. Rakamkan dan hantarkan video anda kepada mereka. Tidak mustahil anda boleh digelar Ellusionist Performance Champion 2009. Saya juga tidak ketinggalan untuk menyertai pertandingan ini. Berbekalkan pengalaman dan kebolehan yang ada, saya akan sahut cabaran ini. Ayuh magician semua tunjukkan bakat anda....

Terdapat beberapa peraturan untuk menyertai pertandingan ini. Antaranya:

  1. Entrants of the contest must be members of the Ellusionist forums in good standing (That means you’re not banned). Elites and Moderators are eligible, but staff members are not. That means Joe Hadsall’s gothic sponge bunnies routine doesn’t stand a chance.
  2. Your video MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST TWO GENUINE AUDIENCE MEMBERS! Trust us: We’ll catch stooges and plants.
  3. You can enter as many as THREE videos.
  4. Your video must include at least one product produced or taught by Ellusionist. That can be a deck of Ghosts, or Ringtone. It can be Two Card Monte, or a double lift. We’re looking for either an Ellusionist signature product or an effect taught and/or made by an Ellusionist artist.
  5. Maximum video time is 10 minutes. (That means if your routine is so long that it takes multiple parts to post, it’s too long.) There is no minimum time.
  6. The video must have been filmed no earlier than May 20, 2009.
  7. The person submitting the video must be the person performing in the video.
  8. Only one performer can be featured in a video.
  9. Videos must be submitted to the Member Videos forum on, and must abide by that forum’s submission policies.
  10. Basic video effects will be allowed. You can produce a fancypants graphic introduction if you want. HOWEVER: The routine must be featured in ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE. Videos that feature breakaway edits will be frowned upon by judges.
  11. MOST IMPORATNT: We’ll say it again, this is about how you CONNECT with your spectators. Your chops and skills are exciting, what we’re looking for is your ability to leave your spectators with that unforgettable feeling.
Tarikh tutup pertandingan ini pada 24 Ogos 2009.

Bagaimana mereka menilai persembahan anda?

  • Judges will review entries as they are posted. (Remember, with judges including Justin Miller and Brad Christian, you’d better bring your A-Game)
  • As with many performance-based competitions, judging will be subjective. They will look for a performer’s charisma, patter and/or presentation, creativity and execution.
  • Video production and quality will also play a part. You won’t need an expensive camera, but you won’t want to film this on your cell phone, either.

Get out there. Drop some jaws. Record said jaws dropping. And claim your prize. Good luck!



AZIZIE said...

Wah bestnye...Alif semua dah ready...saya video cam pun tak beli lagi :)

magictawau said...

Itu sebab aku berani sahut cabaran pertandingan apa lagi mari ramai2 sertai pertandingan ini.

Anonymous said...

amcm?uda kamu bincang ka?